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Client Stories

Summer Camp Fundraising for a Camp in Minnesota—After 7 months of working with annual fund—grew gifts for the year from individuals from $42,600 to $57,100.  Added another $4,300 net gain to restricted scholarship gifts from individuals.

Summer Camp Marketing for a Camp and Conference CenterGrew non-camp guest income by double digits in one year of marketing consulting.

Outdoor Ministry with three sites—consulted and doubled the annual fund each year for three years
Capital Stewardship appeal for congregation in Salisbury—Congregation with $160,000 operating budget raised over $500,000 in leadership gift phase of campaign.

Planned Giving Campaign—Assisted a congregation in Florida with establishing a planned giving program that resulted in more than 20 families visiting with a local attorney to draft estate plans, many of which included the congregation.  Final outcomes won’t be realized for decades.

Congregational Campaign--

  1. Just completed a congregational campaign that raised over $3 million. 
  2. In a campaign in late, 2012 a congregation raised more in the debt reduction campaign with Mike than they had raised three years earlier when they were originally building.
  3. United Church of Christ Church—led  congregational capital campaign that raised $1.07 million for a family life center from a congregation that had only a $214,000 annual operating budget.


Client Testimonials

 I was skeptical at first but now after seeing the way things are coming together, I know we would have dropped the ball on being a part of something so much bigger than just raising the money. Even though we have a long ways to go, and some things are yet to be put in place, I can’t get over how things are looking more organized and falling into place( not really falling, because lots of folks have done a great job in recruiting their teams) And it seems that just by having someone to give us direction and letting us go to work, I feel this is all going to be one of the most fulfilling things we have ever done.
— Randy, Grace Lutheran, Salisbury, NC


Most impressive was the spirituality of his program.  His campaign was grounded in prayer, Bible study, faith, and pastoral care.  This parish recognized that his campaign was a holy endeavor, more than mere fundraising.
— Pastor


Having been on visits with him, I have seen Mike display a strong pastoral presence and sensitivity.  He knows the stuff of stewardship.  And he knows how to lead a congregation to a culture of generosity.
— Pastor


During our campaign, Mike served as facilitator, motivator, and organizer…He was always easily accessible for questions or explanations via cell phone and email and quickly returned calls if he was not immediately available.  He had an easy camaraderie with small and large groups.  Mike listened to and helped us  to incorporate many of our suggestions in  to his guidelines for use in our church.  Most importantly, he gave us confidence in leading us through unfamiliar territory and in every phase of our campaign, he treated us with respect, patience, and kindness.
— Congregational Campaign Chair


They are very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring in dealing with the individual congregation. They do not present a one size fits all model, but help congregations create a program that will be successful for them. Their approach is not to focus solely on raising money, but to help congregations grow spiritually in their understanding of faithful stewardship as a way of life.
— Pastor


We really did have a great experience working with both you and Kay. I think the success of our campaign cannot be measured monetarily, even though that's where many want to draw the line. I think the spiritual growth had a much greater impression upon the congregation, which is not something that can be easily measured or seen, but will play out much later down the line.
— Pastor, congregational stewardship appeal


The spiritual aspect of the campaign was the key component for us. The six week Bible study, led by several members of our congregation, made a huge impact on our understanding of stewardship as a whole.  

— Pastor


I attended your workshop at the ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza in New Orleans in February. I talked to you after the session for a few minutes and you sent your PowerPoint presentation to me. We were planning a dinner/silent auction to help send youth to the Gathering in July. You encouraged me to get the meal donated and not sell tickets: just ask for donations. In January, we were setting a goal to raise $2,000. After I talked to you, we decided to set our goal at $4,000.

We did almost all the things you had suggested, except we did have a silent auction of about 35 items, all of which were donated by local businesses or individuals. Thrivent gave us $500 to provide the meal. During the publicity weeks, the first person to give a donation gave our top gift requested. About 150 attended. We had entertainment donated (some opera singers who use our sanctuary for recording). Over 50 adults and youth helped in some way by cooking, serving, etc. During the dinner, we had 2 young adults speak who told what an impact youth ministry has had on their lives. Their talks brought many of us to tears. The evening was delightful.

We were blown away at the response to the evening! It was the talk of the following Sunday. People have been abuzz about it since then. I am happy to report that we made $8,000 profit from the evening. The planning committee could not believe the response. It was much more than we had ever dreamed it could be.

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. I am only 1 person who attended your workshop and I know you presented several times throughout the weekend.  I wanted to share this story with you, because I'm sure the impact has multiplied many times over throughout the attendees. I have even had a local school district contact me for advice on how to raise funds for their education foundation fundraiser.

I am happy to share this success story with you and want to thank you again for your time and attention for the Extravaganza and youth ministers of the ELCA. I hope you continue to share your message with groups. The Spirit was certainly moving through you that day. Your workshop was the first one of the first day of the Extravaganza, and you made the Extravaganza extremely worthwhile for me.

God's Blessings to you,

— Karen Wagner



Partial list of former clients


  1. St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Longwood Florida--
  2. St. John Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC
  3. Christ the King Lutheran Church, Cary, NC
  4. Epiphany Lutheran, ,Salisbury, NC
  5. Faith Lutheran Church, Farragut, TN
  6. Mt Zion United Church of Christ, China Grove, NC
  7. St. Luke Lutheran Church, Bear Poplar, NC


  1. Outdoor Ministry of the Indiana/Kentucky Synod
  2. Camp Perkins, Idaho
  3. Camp Omega, Minnesota
  4. Green Lake Lutheran Ministries, Minnesota
  5. Camp Arcadia
  6. Buncombe County Medical Society, Asheville NC
  7. Sky Ranch, Colorado